I didn't come here to be made sport of (dudesleeper) wrote in football365,
I didn't come here to be made sport of

The Scottish FA has begun interviewing candidates for a new national manager. At present, it seems to be a duel between Gordon Strachan and ex-Rangers manager Walter Smith to fill the gap left by Berti Vogts' departure.

My vote would go to Walter Smith, though I'm sure he'd much prefer to be in club management than be in charge of a national team.

Whoever takes over will know they have a job on their hands. In the latest FIFA world rankings, the Scots fell nine places to 77th, putting them below the likes of Estonia, Ghana, Angola and Thailand, and level with Congo.

The Top 20:

01. Brazil
02. France
03. Argentina
04. Spain
05. Czech Republic
06. Holland
07. England
08. Mexico
08. Portugal
10. Italy
11. USA
12. Turkey
13. Denmark
14. Republic of Ireland
15. Sweden
16. Germany
17. Greece
17. Japan
19. Uruguay
20. Iran


And Dennis Bergkamp may play one more season. This pleases me.
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